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This site is home mostly to trip reports and photographs related to scuba diving. Alice and I are dedicated warm water divers, so if your interests lie in technical diving, wreck diving or anything too far north or south of the tropics, you probably won’t find too much to detain you here.

However, if you like warm water, clear visibility and coral reefs, you might find something of interest.

This site was first launched in August 2004 when I put up some photos from a trip to the Maldives. It was rudimentary in the extreme (just a couple of pages of photos) and was built using (dare I say it?) Frontpage.

By December 2004, it was re-written using Dreamweaver MX 2004 to be web standards compliant. It soon became apparent to me that hand-crafted web-sites were very time consuming, particularly if you were trying to maintain valid HTML and CSS.

To that end, I resolved to rework the site to use a content management system. I discovered Textpattern via //hicksdesign and it appeared to be just the thing.

Almost a year later, I’ve finally managed to reconstruct the site in Textpattern. The delay was mostly a matter of not spending enough time at it, but partly also the learning curve and working through a few issues encountered along the way (which I’ll try to write about later).

Now that things are back up and running, I hope to post some more trip reports to bring things up to date (Gozo, August 2005, and Raja Ampat, October 2005). I also plan to post some of the video we shot on these last two trips, but no doubt there’ll be some technical hurdles to jump on the way to achieving that…

stephentrainor.com v2 design
New site design just launched, replacing my first attempt in Textpattern (shown above).

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