Sunday Jan 11, 2009 at 21:30

My 10 best photos of 2008

Talented photographer, blogger and Flickr contact Jim Goldstein has once again called for other bloggers to nominate their Best Photos of 2008.

I’ve made a selection based on what I think are the decent shots together with an attempt to cover some of the key places I visited through the year, including Australia, England, Ireland, Arizona, and New Mexico. It’s probably appropriate that my latter-day home, Colorado, takes up fully half of the spots.

So, in chronological order (you can tell winter didn’t yield much…), are the top 10 of 2008 (click the image for a larger version, click the caption for more about the photograph):

#1: May – Sunset in Sydney

Sunset in Sydney

#2: June – Beam-watching


#3: July – Morning on the Causeway

Morning on the causeway

#4: July – Dunstanburgh Castle

Dunstanburgh Castle

#5: August – Upper Ice Lake Basin

Upper Ice Lake Basin

#6: September – White Sands National Monument

White Sands 1

#7: September – Castle Creek Aspen

Castle Creek Aspen

#8: October – Owl Creek Pass

Owl Creek Pass

#9: December – A tree in winter

A tree in winter

#10: December – Independence Monument

Independence Monument

Goals for 2009:

  • Don’t make elementary errors on critical shoots (e.g. that mis-positioned ND grad filter, leaving the camera ISO set to 1600 by mistake, too few bracketed exposures of a tricky scene)
  • More originality in composition and subject selection
  • Push myself harder to get up and out for that dawn light

Thanks to Jim for organizing this – it’s a fun and interesting exercise, plus we all get to see some fantastic photography when he posts the results.

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00:04 12 Jan 2009

Jao said:

I love your Dunstanburgh Castle shot


14:40 13 Jan 2009

Dave Wilson said:

What a great collection of images – thanks for sharing these! (Seen in Jim Goldstein’s blog)


17:20 13 Jan 2009

Stephen said:

Thanks Jao – that one was salvaged from a dull, foggy summer morning, courtesy Silver Efex Pro.

Dave – thanks for stopping by and commenting. There’s some great stuff that Jim’s collected via his “Best of” project. I’ve still got a way to go working through the full list!


00:36 24 Mar 2009

David Craig said:

I think you need a new camera steve, (donate existing to brother-in-law).


17:57 26 Mar 2009

Stephen said:

That’s just the excuse I need – been eyeing an upgrade for a while now! (I’ll ask Alice to consider the merits of a donation to her little brother…)

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