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51 weeks and counting

I figured I should post something here before the bell tolled on a full year of blog silence. It’s been, shall we say, an interesting year – one which provided few opportunities for photography.

Since settling back in Colorado in August, I’ve had a few opportunities to start shooting again. Alice and I took a road trip around Colorado to try and catch some of the fall colour.

Starting out in Aspen, we proceeded from there to Crested Butte then down to Ridgway and Telluride. Without at doubt, the San Juans of SW Colorado are my favourite part of the state.

Fall Colour on Last Dollar Road

Fall Colour on Last Dollar Road (click image for larger view)

The picture this year was very mixed – some very poor conditions (particularly around McClure Pass – I’ve seen shots from here in some years that are amongst the very best aspen images you’ll find), but also some very intense, bright colours in other parts of the state.

The reds and oranges along Last Dollar Road were the best I’ve seen them (in four years of visiting):

Full Spectrum

Full Spectrum (click image for larger view)

Dallas Divide did not disappoint either, with some glowing leaves mixed with cloud and snow (although not as much as was to arrive a couple of days after this shot):

Dallas Divide Evening

Full Spectrum (click image for larger view)

I’ll post a few more in the coming days.

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