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Malhamdale, North Yorkshire

A couple of a months ago (already – can't believe it), we spent three weeks back in the UK, visiting friends and family, running a half marathon, and attending a wedding in Cambridge.

With a few days to spare between the Great North Run and the wedding, we decided to stay in Malham, North Yorkshire. The last time I’d visited North Yorkshire was back in the 1980s to Swaledale on a school camping trip – an occasion that brings back memories of mud, rain and damp canvas more than anything else.


This time round we came better prepared in terms of waterproof gear, but as it turned out, we didn’t need it so much. A 5-mile loop walk past Gordale Scare and Malham Cove took us over some higher ground that provided some wonderful views (above).

Limestone Pavement

Malham Cove’s limestone pavement photographs surprisingly well in midday light. On this trip, given the wide variety of clothing required for all our other activities, I didn’t bring an SLR. Instead, Alice brought along her Lumix GX1 – a Micro FourThirds camera, which I borrowed for the shots on this page. It performed very well indeed, although I didn’t challenge it in any low light situations.

On our second day hiking, we headed up to Malham Tarn, on what proved to be a slightly wetter and more blustery day. The weather was moving quickly providing some good opportunities to catch dramatic light on the limestone formations above Malham Cove:

Above Malham Cove

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21:46 6 May 2014

Ernest Adams said:

Hi Stephan,
I enjoy using the TPE. However your Moon data appears to be wrong for each day.
Seems to be oof by one day.

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