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If you’ve found this page, then you were probably searching for something related to scuba diving (or, more likely it appears, from my Google Analytics reports, how to upload quicktime to YouTube).

However, this blog is now officially zombied. I’ve relaunched the site as a photography blog, reflecting how I’m spending more of my spare time.

Please click through to here and read on.

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Last chance to post this year

Newcastle Quayside at twilight

It’s 8:30pm on New Year’s Eve – last chance to post anything on this much neglected site this year.

2007 hasn’t included too much in the way of diving…

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Ribbon reefs

A few weeks ago I received an e-mail from the editor of ECOS magazine, the house publication of Australia’s CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation), asking permission to use a photo included on this site to illustrate an article to be featured in an upcoming issue.

The photo in question was of me (plus a few fish) and was taken by Alice while she was doing her PADI Underwater Photography Specialty. Of course, we were happy to oblige, and now the photo is duly published!

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Colorado: a long way from the ocean

Sunrise over Sprague Lake

As is probably evident by now, new content has been lacking from this site for a while. The excuse? We’ve been busy relocating from London to Colorado, where we expect to be for the next couple of years.

A glance at a map will show that Colorado is rather a long way from the sea: 950 miles to the Gulf of Mexico, 770 to the Sea of Cortez, 830 miles to the Pacific coast, and 1480 to the Atlantic. That’s about as far as I ever want to live from the ocean.

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Trip reports

Raja Ampat

Flat calm

The first installment of a report on our trip to the Raja Ampat islands in October 2005. Just getting there can be an adventure. We flew from Brisbane to Singapore, then to Manado and finally to Sorong, over three days, and we still weren’t quite there.

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Sea horse

Off diving in the Mediterranean for the first time: Gozo was a great location for a short visit to try out our underwater video set up…

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Weedy seadragon

Weedy seadragons

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